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I heard someone say once that a human being can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 minutes without air…but they can’t live 3 seconds without Hope!

Here at VIStrong: Virgin Islands Releif, we are in the hope business! Our focus continues to be on advocating for the needs of the people of the USVI, specifically those most impacted on the islands of St Thomas and St John!

Throughout the day we have been hard at work coordinating benefit concerts in various locations around the country, as well as answering the calls, messages, and emails from those around the country who have offered to help. The outpouring of love and assistance has been overwhelming. We continue to connect those in need with those who have offered to help.

Please gather supplies and donations and send them to the following address where we have a staged supply drop off with private cargo flights standing by:

VI Strong: Virgin Islands Relief
C/O Atlantic Aviation NE
9800 Ashton Road
Philadelphia PA 19114

We have also created a wishlist of items needed on Amazon so that you can ship items directly to the drop off site! Please see the link below:

As of today, VIStrong.org has recieved well over 2,000 visits and 400 clicks to the Amazon wishlist!


Thank you for your help! Share Away!