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Good Morning VIStrong Family!!!

As dawn breaks on our island home, new stories of hope, and perseverance begin to trickle in! Loved ones have slowly begun to make contact, easing the hearts and minds of those of us in the states waiting for a sign that they are ok! We are grateful for the love, support, and generosity of everyone around us in this time of need!


Yesterday we secured a supply staging drop off area in Philadelphia, we ask that anyone wishing to collect donations or send donations directly, please forward them to the address below. We will be operating private cargo flights from this address to supply St Thomas directly with much needed essentials.

VI Strong: Virgin Islands Relief
C/O Atlantic Aviation NE
9800 Ashton Road
Philadelphia PA 19114

We have also created a wishlist of items needed on Amazon so that you can ship items directly to the drop off site! Please see the link below:

As of yesterday, a ferry from Puerto Rico came to STT to evacuate guests from the Marriott to create room for temporary housing for displaced island residents! The National Guard, Marines, and Coast Guard have been transporting much needed manpower and supplies to the island! Hurricane Jose is tracking 125 NM North of STT as a dangerous Cat 4 storm, and we are keeping a watchful eye on the progress!

Please continue to advocate for our island family, sharing these messages gives them a voice!

Thank You!