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On a runway outside of a small executive airport in Philadelphia,  Amazon boxes have be

gun to stack up, a small sign of the tremendous love that continues to pour into the US Virgin Islands community. As supplies dwindle in the affected areas of St Thomas and St John, hit hardest by last week’s Hurricane, a small group of volunteers continue their grassroots effort to send support to their island communities.

The days are long and grueling, the work, is never ending, but the charge on boldly! With each mounting challenge, they are met with solutions. Phone calls with offers for assistance continue to flood in!

Dear Loved Ones, Family, and Friends,

This is my personal plea, in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which last week wrecked the islands of St Thomas and St John, our island communities are asking for your help. In devastating events such as these, we want to believe that big planes are coming full of supplies, that boats are coming to take us to places which have electricity and running water, we hope that first responders are on the ground helping survivors, and we hope that our friends and neighbors are ok. We need that hope, because without it, the long hot days are simply unbearable. We look around our island and we see nothing but devastation, loss, crushed dreams, and sadness. We see friends without homes, neighbors without jobs, businesses which have lost everything. The monumental task of rebuilding is overwhelming…and then we hear a sound, the familiar hum of jet engines, absent from the island for days after the storm. With each plane that lands we get a little more hope, we smile at the thought of much needed food, water, and supplies slowly making it’s way to those most in need.

We pause for a moment and we reflect on the gratitude we had just days before, gratitude that we were alive, that we still had that. Everything else pales in comparison to the loss of life we faced just days before. But make no mistake about it, we are in desperate times, the supplies we need are scarce, the island communities are relying on the outstretched hands of a nation which is so far away. We need you! Please don’t forget about us!

So please, take a moment to read this, share it with your friends, donate to the cause because if you are reading this, the US Virgin Islands holds a special place in your hearts. The place we call home, the place which you have fond memories of will rebuild, we will prosper again, but we need your help!

-Dustin Washington

Please continue gather supplies and donations and send them to the following address where we have a staged supply drop off with private cargo flights standing by:

Vi Strong: Virgin Islands Relief
C/O Atlantic Aviation NE
9800 Ashton Road
Philadelphia PA 19114

We have also created a wishlist of items needed on Amazon so that you can ship items directly to the drop off site! Please see the link below:

VIStrong: Virgin Islands Releif in The News

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PA News

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