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The days are getting longer, the spirit of our islands in the wake of this devastating disaster remain unbroken…there is a message of hope, there is a human interest story here. Because it is easy to forget, it is easy to go on about your day, in your air conditioning with your lights on, and a cold beverage nearby! For the people of the US Virgin Islands, life has changed, water, food and basic necessities are getting harder to come by…but help is on it’s way! Help in this case looks like a fleet of 747 Jumbo Jets loaded with Hurricane Relief supplies headed to the US Virgin Islands!

One of our team arrived this afternoon at our staging area in Philadelphia. She was shocked at the amount of supplies which had already arrived, she brought her own carload of donations including water filters and medical supplies!

We collected 2.5 tons of our own supplies the first that added to the 20 containers which will be loaded on a 747 bound for St Croix tomorrow. Our Website continue to see several hundred unique visits per hour, with more items being sent from the wish list than we can imagine! This includes thousands of dollars worth of solar showers, flashlights, chainsaws, batteries, and much needed food, diapers, and hygiene items! The needs of many are being met by many, please continue to share our story with anyone you can, every little bit that gets contributed to the islands help those who have lost everything!

Please continue gather supplies and donations and send them to the following address where we have a staged supply drop off with private cargo flights standing by:

VI Strong: Virgin Islands Relief
C/O Atlantic Aviation NE
9800 Ashton Road
Philadelphia PA 19114

We have also created a wishlist of items needed on Amazon so that you can ship items directly to the drop off site! Please see the link below: