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Update from relief team staging in Puerto Rico to come offer aid to St Thomas:

Hi my name is Heather Cameron and I am a Social Worker, and the organizer of The West Side of Puerto Rico Rescue and Relief.

We are a group of volunteers that have partnered with other organizations that are focused on helping our neighboring island of St. Thomas. On Sunday, September 17, we will be loading on boats to come to the island and do seven day shifts of debris removal, clean up, assist with homeowners, and in any other means that is necessary for the Islanders that are in need.

Our volunteers will do seven day shifts, during those seven days we are trying to see what options are available for lodging. We also would like to be connected and in contact with anyone that is instrumental in organizing volunteer efforts, assignments and meeting the needs. Our boats leave on Sunday, we will be coming with supplies, but we are coming with muscle and a desire to help.  We are also opening our homes here to any of victims that are displaced on the island and for those that need information about that, please feel free to contact me.

My email is HeatherMcameron@outlook.com and my cell phone number is 516-425-3268.

Thank you


They are seeking points of contact on island who are able to assist with understanding specific areas of need, any assistance from local people on island with housing for their teams, and any direct supply needs which they can bring. They have 4 boats doing direct runs to STT with supplies and we will be assisting in making certain that they have the supplies they need to fill their boats!