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Good Night Friends,

Countless Amazon clicks, innumerable Facebook posts, and hour upon hour of working diligently at a computer, has begun to pay off!!! Today we shipped a much larger shipment of much needed relief supples to the residents of St Thomas and St John in the US Virgin Islands. Cut off from the mainland and readily accessible relief, the small Caribbean island group was devastated last week by Hurricane ¬†Irma, and now supplies are on their way there! Today’s efforts alone culminated in 25,000 lbs. of supplies!That’s 12.5 TONS!!!

For the Island Pups!

Donations of goods continue to pour into our Philadelphia staging site, where news media has been onsite for live coverage of the efforts put forth by a small group of stateside VI residents, all working tirelessly for one cause, to not allow the US Virgin Islands to be forgotten in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s destructive forces!

We continue to request the shipment of supplies to our new staging area in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, where a team on the ground is waiting to load them on charter boats bound for the US Virgin Islands!

Our Amazon Wishlist is programmed to ship directly to the staging area in Puerto Rico, and Amazon Prime members receive free Standard Shipping!

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  • Andi Cummings

    says on:
    September 13, 2017 at 10:21 am

    Hi guys! We are ex-islanders (…are we ever ex?) who live in Charleston and are beginning a similar local relief effort here on a much smaller scale. We intend to raise $15k in both Nashville and Charleston and have it used to buy supplies and have it shipped down. We also have a drive going to collect supplies in local communities and have a new staging area where goods will be sorted and packed into “packs of love” for the VIs. However, we don’t know the best way to purchase goods in bulk and at the cheapest price?? We want our money to go as far as it can. I’ve been watching your efforts up there and am so inspired!!! Any tips you can give us? Any vendors we should be working with? We are planning to ship in 3 weeks.

  • Grandma Nina

    says on:
    September 13, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    Praying for everyone that you will soon see some relief! My friends on St. Croix are by the grace of God all safe and I’m praying that the other Islanders will be soon! God bless!