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We just want to say thank you for the help and support of a small group of relief workers organizing to help the affected islands! They are supporting our efforts in Fajardo by continuing to help supplies flow through to the islands!
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My name is Heather Cameron and I am the organizer of West Side of Puerto Rico Rescue and Relief. We are a group of volunteers that consists of many different backgrounds and specialties, but share the goal of being committed to helping our neighbors in need.
Our mission consists of a few things, our primary focus right now is on coming to St. Thomas and assist with Homeowners, Debris Removal, Clean up, Supplies, and Assisting with local organizations in place to help the Islanders that reside in St. Thomas.  We will be doing everything from getting trees off the roads, helping homeowners with their houses, assisting the local government agencies in their efforts, and making sure that we do everything possible to assist our neighbors of the Caribbean.
Our mission begins on this Sunday, September 17th, we will be arriving with Supplies, Love, and Muscle.

Looking to help? Here’s how!

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Corporate Donors, Benefactors, and Large Donations should be directed to Virgin Islands Relief Fund

Amazon Goods can be shipped directly to Puerto Rico from our Wish list 

T-Shirts can we ordered at Bonfire