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Good Morning,

As the days drift on, we have more urgent needs for Amazon needs! We have vetted the list as thoroughly as possible, and apologize for the errors that were showing when our shipping address changed to Puerto Rico, however we now believe that the list is fully functional!

Here is a short list of the most Critical Needs, please share with your networks to help us help the residents of the Virgin Islands!

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Buy a shirt or two???

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  • Susan Bishop

    says on:
    September 15, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Hi, I live on the Northside, rode out Irma with my dog & a litter of lost kittens while my home was nearly destroyed.
    Two days ago, I had enough gas to go to the Court at Barbel Plaza, the police station on the waterfront & the fire station & NO ONE in a position of authority had or has any direct contact with the VI government. All they get is a notification that some minimal aid is being dropped off & they have to abide by the curfew that’s wasting gas & creating an impossible situation for most of the locals who are out of gas & need to get to the aid.
    I was very lucky to catch a boat ride off the island yesterday & just flew in to NYC trying to raise awareness with the network news media.
    I’m a writer & worked at CNN so I know how to get St. Thomas back in the news & that’s my goal.
    I love what you’re doing & if you’re open to it, I can mention your effort during an interview I’m doing tomorrow.
    Along with myself, I have a good friend who is donating his warehouse on the waterfront to become a distribution center for all private donation organizations like yours. I also have two doctors who are providing free medical care & flying injured residents to off-island hospitals. There are many more residents that are ready to help with our non-governmental distribution program. WE ARE DOING THIS TO SAVE LIVES! Due to the outpouring compassion of so many friends, we can
    side-step the governmental bureaucracy & deliver the aid that so many elderly & less affluent residents need to survive. Additionally, I’m fortunate to know many of the police & can also obtain their cooperation to help us. We have a great crew & we’re growing by the hour.
    PLEASE, please call me if you want to collaborate & join forces to save St. Thomas!
    Much hope & many thanks for all you’re doing!
    Susan Bishop