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Sometimes it is hard to tell where we stop and someone else starts, such is the case with relief efforts at points. We are two organizations who have been sharing offices, dinner tables, sweat and tears since the day after Hurricane Irma slammed the tiny islands of the USVI and BVI, bringing with her never before seen devastation. This isn’t a foreign country, we are not relief workers devoid of emotional attachment, just looking to aid those in need. This is our home. Our homes were destroyed, our jobs are gone, and our friends and loved ones are displaced, homeless, and scared. We are working toward a common goal: providing much needed relief for the islands.


As the hours turn into days, two separate but integral organizations have begun to emerge with very different, yet equally important goals. We continue to work side by side, bolstering support for each other, lending a hand where needed.

VI Strong: Is an immediate, short term relief effort for the residents of the US Virgin Islands. We are trusted source of information, a place for people connected to the US Virgin Islands to funnel resources, monetary donations, and supplies to those most in need the affected communities they love. We continue to be a source of valuable information, and a grass roots effort. We are supported in these efforts by the Virgin Island Relief Fund, with logistical support, administrative action, and social media support.

Virgin Island Relief Fund: Is a long term relief effort backed by an established 501(c)3 seeking to assist the rebuilding of vital infrastructure in the Virgin Islands. They will stop at nothing to provide the needed resources to the communities who are rebuilding from this devastating storm. They are relying on VI Strong for support in sharing its message and vision with the residents, as well as to continue to pour supplies into their logistical network.

One thing remains clear, life as we once knew it has changed, and together we can be a part of making the Virgin Islands even better than before!


Looking to help? Here’s how!

Want to Volunteer?

Click Here

Looking to Donate?

Corporate Donors, Benefactors, and Large Donations should be directed to Virgin Islands Relief Fund

Amazon Goods can be shipped directly to Puerto Rico from our Wish list 

T-Shirts can we ordered at Bonfire


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  • David Stirsman

    says on:
    September 15, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Hope you can exert some pressure to get shipments expedited through customs. Aid is being delayed based on reports I see. Hope it is not true but if it is your assistance would be helpful.