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While scanning local news articles this afternoon I came across one from a newspaper just 60 miles away, a local woman was sending items with an Amazon wish list to the residents of the US Virgin Islands…how could this be that we are so close? I had been in Indianapolis just this morning dropping a member of the VI Strong Team off at the Indianapolis Airport!

I reached out and made an amazing connection, real people, doing real things, to make a real difference! She had figured out a piece of the puzzle that we hadn’t solved, how to get the goods you are donating to the communities in need on St Thomas!

Starting now, we will be routing all Amazon Wish List shipments through her cargo terminal in Puerto Rico, to arrive directly on the Island of St Thomas!

Please continue to donate to our wish list!

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  • Luz Pearson

    says on:
    September 16, 2017 at 2:56 am

    I got a notice from Amazon that a Bjones gravity filter was suppose to arrive on Sunday at the prior Philadelphia address. I know they’re wrapping things up there but am hoping they will still receive it? Please advise. Thanks, Luz