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Imagine Yourself – The Anna Hammond Story

Imagine yourself, sitting in a hot airport on a muddy floor, on a tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean. In your hand you hold a handwritten boarding pass with your name misspelled and next to you is your entire life in a few bags that didn’t get destroyed in the storm. You’ve some how managed to get a ticket on one of two humanitarian flights able to leave st. Thomas when the only other flights allowed in or out are the military. I’m not even sure what you could call the feeling I have right now. I am thankful to be leaving yet I am completely heart broken that I have to. I have no idea if or when I will return or what my future holds. I am currently thankful to be alive, to have an amazing family and friends who I consider my family. To all my friends who I may never see again, I love you so much. It’s been a privilege to know you, to work with you, to sail and swim with you. The Caribbean is forever in my heart I’m so sorry I couldn’t stay. -Anna¬†

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  • Luz Pearson

    says on:
    September 19, 2017 at 12:32 am

    I can’t imagine…so sad for all!