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For just $10.00, you can provide shelter for a family in need!

Can you imagine life with no roof, trying to provide shelter for your family from the wind, the rain, and the sun? On September 6th, 2017, Hurricane Irma took the roofs from many family’s homes in the US Virgin Islands, and the stark reality for them is there are no tarps to provide this basic shelter!We have worked hard to secure 1,600 tarps which are ready for shipment to our Miami freight forwarder, Viking Freight¬†where they will be loaded in a shipping container and sent to those in need!

How can you help?

It’s easy! The cost of the tarps plus shipping to Miami is $13,149, which brings the total for each tarp to $8.21, add on an additional $1.79 to cover cargo costs to the islands and for just $10.00 you can put a roof over a family’s head! Despite the few tarps that are available, many of the homes look like the one you see below, patched together with large holes which are letting the rain in!

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