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We are VI Strong!

Stories of Hope, Heroes, and Helpers!

This is the story of hope and resurrection from My Brother’s Workshop!

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Helping people help people and many hands make light work……

In the midst of darkness and pain and suffering, there is so much collateral beauty. We just went through something terrible and it seems like another large storm named Maria is coming our way….but today I’m at peace and feel blessed.

I’m a part of something bigger. My Brother’s Workshop/MBW Cafe and Bakery are stepping up in a big way. Our staff and trainees along with large numbers of volunteers have been spreading hope in the community.

We have served over 4,000 meals from our cafe in 9 days. Our workshop team received a large donation of plywood and 2X4S, that we are distributing for people to board their homes…..both meals and wood supplies are free.

Our mission remains the same to work with youth in mentoring, counseling, education, job training, and job placement. Now more than ever, our youth will need to see hope.

They will join us all in the network of helping those who need help. And what an experience we will all share.  

I also got to meet Tim Duncan!!!  He is so amazing and incredibly humble. I said, “Tim, can I give you a hug?”  And he said, “I’ll take hugs all day”. Of course, he had to almost bend in half to hug me hahaha

Also, our mentors in LA Homeboy Industries, are reaching out to help us raise funds.  What a wonderful organization!!  Father Greg Boyle said “How do you measure a miracle?”

Collateral Beauty– neighbors helping neighbors….complete strangers coming together to feed people who have lost everything….this is St Thomas, The Rock City…..full of great people!!!

FYI…I did sleep a full 8 hours the other night. Love you all and thank you all for the donations to MBW through supplies and funds!!!

If you wish to support the efforts of My Brother’s Workshop, you may make a donation to their 501c3 from either of these links:

My Brother’s Workshop Facebook

My Brother’s Workshop Website