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We are VI Strong!

Stories of Hope, Heroes, and Helpers!

This is the story of Jeff, and Jeff delivers the fuel which keeps the generators online!

When Irma took the power grid down, the islands went dark, one by one the diesel generators on island came online with a faint but familiar hum, a comforting sound in the eerily silent night. But everything on the island, including the people desperately in need of power, is dependant on something. The generators, are dependant on fuel.

~PRAISE GOD, Jeff called me last night through FB messenger video chat~I was so surprised when I saw his face~ We immediately  cried for 10 minutes.He so EXHAUSTED. He’s working 16 hour days hauling gas for everyone, and generators. Their gas company  is doing an AWESOME, AMAZING  job to supply the light of God, his power ,where there is only darkness now.Thank you God for what you are doing in Jeff’s life. You are his vessel Lord.Thank you for his safety,and health ~ I Love you Dollies~please pray for St .Thomas for this new Hurricane Marie to not touch them~♡♡