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We are VI Strong!

Stories of Hope, Heroes, and Helpers!

This is the story of hope and helpers from Kashime and Kamal!

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As the days turn into weeks, enduring stories of hope, love, regrowth, continue to pour in! At VI Strong we want to share your stories! Two these brave young men, thank you for being heroes!



We have fed 2990 meals in 7 days. This is just the beginning…..

With another potentially bad storm approaching and with thunder in the distance, my morale is low.

I do know one thing in life from experience after experience, there are some things you just can’t control. The path of a large storm is a perfect example.

With every step that we take at MBW, sometimes it feels like hope is lost. Fear and despair try to creep in, but trying to lead and not allow it. Exhaustion and sadness feel Normal.

I have no words of wisdom tonight so I looked through old photos and was reminded of what my graduates from MBW have said.

That is listed below. Kashime and Kamal were in the MBW program for about a year. They started at our workshop and helped build out the space at our cafe. Once cafe opened, I stole them from workshop and they were some of the original trainees in cafe. They both did well and upon graduation went into the armed forces. I wasn’t shocked, I was so proud of them.

They have been following the aftermath on STT and expressed words of encouragement that I read to the team that currently feeds people everyday. I have briefly shared of this before, but I needed to remind myself in lieu of this latest storm and complete exhaustion. So, below are photos of them and their words.

I got you Jenny…… it is in the moments like these that we stand strong. The bond between us will be the only means of our survival. Always encourage one another and don’t be discouraged to receive help or to even step up to give any. No one in this world can take on These challenges that we now face without the help of others. Your teamwork and dedication will send a ripple effect through the life you come in contact with now and tomorrow so you remember this day so that tomorrow you can continue to do better and push forward Kashime

Ever Since iLeft MBW I’ve Been Following MBW Cafe & Bakery Online On Facebook To See How You Guys Are Doing And How Great The Organization Is Going…You Gave Me The Chance To Be Apart Of Something Great And Positive And That Helped Me Alot…If It Wasn’t For You Guys iWouldnt Be Where iAm Today…Now iSee You Doing All Of This Stuff For The People Of The Island And It’s Very Heartwarming Jenny  I Can’t Thank You Enough For What You Guys Are Doing…You Must Be Running Back And Forth And Tired And Stressed Out Cause I’m Sure Your Doing Much More Than I’m Already Seeing…I Thank You Jenny And I’m Sure The People Of The Virgin Islands Thank You…Ofcourse I Can’t Thank You Without Thanking Scott Also Lol Sooo  The Virgin Islands Is Very Lucky To Have Someone Like You  Kamal

Sometimes you just need faith and someone to help you. Thank you Kashime and Kamal for your dedication and service. Very proud of who you are!

First photo was taken this morning which shows the beauty of the island, but the true beauty is the people. These two young men are just an example of why STT is where I call home. Love you all.

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