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It’s on this rock that we will sculpt a vision of our future. It’s on this rock that we will paint a new tomorrow. It’s on this rock that we will craft our dream for paradise. Amidst the wreckage and rubble images of enduring hope arise, reminding us that the bleak and barren landscape is accented by the beautiful souls which call it home.

The spirit of the islands breathes, like the gentle trade winds which cool our mountain shelter, it brings life, it carries with it love, it leaves behind it hope.

Those of us who call this rock our home understand this, we are a community, we are neighbors, we are friends, and we are family. When the wind, the rain, and the sea cut us off from our distant neighbors, we have one another. We have learned to lean when we need to, for support, kindness, and love. We have learned to support, wherever we can, in whatever small way we can! We are Love, We gon be alrite!