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There are four words, which combined together and placed with a question mark at the end, evoke hope, and command attention. To those whose eyes are weary, whose bodies are worn, whose souls are tired, those who spend their days waiting for the lines to grow shorter, for even the faintest of light to emerge at the end of a very dark tunnel, those words are the only music they have ever wished to hear.

How can we help?

How can I help, is a personal pledge, however when the word we precedes that statement it brings with it a communal voice, it says not only will I bring about the full force of my ability to help, but I will also be your voice, I will advocate, I will share my passion for your cause with anyone who will listen, I will rally the troops and we are coming so be ready!

When I look out over the dismal landscape which was my once vibrant and thriving community, I see a monumental amount of devastation, an overwhelming fiscal challenge, a problem that a few packages of batteries and a case of water simply won’t solve. No, this tragedy is bigger than me, it’s bigger than you, in point of fact there are very few in the world who have the means and resources with which to provide the type of lasting aid and long term relief these communities in the US Virgin Islands will need. I don’t personally know any of them, but maybe you do. Perhaps your college roommate lives next door to a person on a board. And so I keep writing, I continue to be a voice amongst many, crying out in the night for the attention of a world which is troubled this day, which, not by matter of choice or convenience, but simply because it’s a fresh news cycle, might not hear our call.

It is a cry which emanates from a tired community, it radiates outward from those who have lost their homes, their jobs, their basic human needs. It carries outward with the weight of a nation whose hopelessness is born from an indefinite future.

Will you be our voice?

Will you utter those words?

How can we help?

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  • Jamie saules

    says on:
    September 28, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Can you make up different colored hats to match the VI STRONG TSHIRT; they may sell quicker. Just a thought. Or even smaller baby sizes as well as my sisters grandson survived. Maybe print a shirt that also says…
    VI STRONG❣️🙏🏼USA❤️