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The devastation and destruction is overwhelming. The task of rebuilding the communities in the US Virgin Islands after the recent hurricanes is a monumental one! However we continue to see supplies pouring into our Miami staging area, boxes turning into pallets, pallets turning into containers, and those containers setting sail for the Caribbean with much needed supplies for the crippled communities!

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When Irma struck St Thomas on September 6th, we wanted to help, but the question that was on all of our minds was, how? We didn’t have the money or the expertise to make a significant impact given the sheer magnitude of the damage to our island. But what we did have, was time, and social reach. Assets to become advocates for the island, and it’s residents. So we began writing and sharing. We started to tell the story, and people began to listen!

We didn’t have $500,000 to make the impact we wanted to make, but we could reach thousands of people who could each, in their own small way, contribute to a greater good! Be a part of the solution we kept saying! We need your help, we have set a goal to reach a half of a million dollars in Hurricane Relief. To achieve this we need to reach 10,000 people who are each willing to send $50 in relief supplies, or 100,000 people each willing to send $5!!! Who do you know that is willing to make a small contribution?

Please help to share!