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The green is returning to the trees, the waters which once ran a deep murky brown are beginning to return to their tranquil turquoise, the roads once blocked by down poles and debris are slowly getting cleared…Everyday the lineworkers from around the country place more poles and run more wire…but we still need help! There are still so many without power, water, food, shelter, so many suffering!

Your contributions have helped to fill four 40′ shipping containers full of much needed supplies, along with two 20′ containers which have all made it to St Thomas! Thank you for your dedication and support!

However, there is an ongoing need! From a financial perspective, each shipping container costs $2,600 to sail from Florida to STT, once there it is another $400 to haul and position! We have supplies ready to ship in Florida and your ongoing financial support helps to cover the costs of shipping for all of these supplies!

Having just returned from St Thomas, the consistent needs of those most deeply impacted are diapers, adult diapers, solar chargers, and solar fans. We have updated our Amazon Wish List in hopes of gathering these supplies and getting them to the people who need them most! We have partnered up with a great group of people in St Thomas to help with distribution, they have a warehouse we are helping to fill, they are doing almost daily distribution of relief supplies, including using trucks to haul supplies to affected areas where people have a hard time reaching distribution points!

So please, share this post, help us get the help where it is needed most! Share our wish list with your friends, can you spare $5 to help with shipping?


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  • Donna

    says on:
    October 30, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Our college age son is thinking about taking a semester off and is looking for a way to contribute in a positive way.
    He is interested in a combination of volunteering and possibly a job to defer the costs he may incur.

    I was wondering if you had any information on any volunteer programs.
    If not, do have contact information for any organizations that he could get in touch with?

  • Nancy Polucci

    says on:
    October 31, 2017 at 3:32 am

    Thank you everyone. I live in Coralbay right above hurricane hole got hit hard but main house is good enough lost 2 other buildings and ten 100 wt sola panels and equipment. And then got my generator looted right after Irma along with my neighbors getting looted as well. We lost are rd. The Johnny horn trail. Now is a river bed apx one mile long. Feeding the Coralbay mud. It was a road that dirt that had a huge gut next to it with large rocks that when the water finally got to the bottom it was relativity clean water. Now it’s one big river of dirt feeding bay. Iv posted a few times were did the left over donations go to save Coralbay from the marina being build go ? There was a huge amt left over I believe to save Coralbay the only thing I see is bumper stickers the Maria builders backed off very fast. So that means that there got to be left over $ but no replies. Cause we sure could save Coralbay now. I know that Sharon at CBCC worked with Feds I believe on a engineering plan to pave the rd. But now that the engineering is complete the rd now has changed. What we really needed was cement and Edmond with his mechine to just do the work. Sap and common sense as he has been doing a great job for many years with out engineers. Good $ wasted. There is also anther bad rd left as well killing the bay it’s Harold way next to oasis and dolphin mkt area. There the only 2 roads left that were not fixed that turns the bay brown. I was trying to get a hold of Kenny chesney to see if he wanted anther tax deduction? He been awesome can’t imagine he got any $ left. If someone there knows how to forward him this please do. He sure helped save a lot on a lot of small islands. Unbelievable if anyone there can reply back to me it be great. My concern is more about the run off of these 2 roads then me driving to my property. The bay been there a lot longer then us. This is what happens when czm allows people to make rds with out paving so they can sell land. It sucks czm has done a very poor job for the 28 years iv been here.

    • Nancy Polucci

      says on:
      October 31, 2017 at 3:38 am

      My comment is above